Chornobyl: Ten Years of Overcome (Чорнобиль: десять років подолання) booklet

Chornobyl: Ten Years of Overcome (Чорнобиль: десять років подолання) booklet was printed in 1996 to commemorate 10th anniversary of the Chernobyl Disaster. It is in both Ukrainian and English and summarizes the events which led to the catastrophe, and the enormous cleanup operation that followed.

Before you click on the book to read it, you can find the foreword by Minister for Chornobyl Affairs, or as his full title in Ukrainian reads: Minister of Ukraine for Protection of the Population from the Consequences of the Chornobyl Accident. Rolls of the tongue easily, right?


April 26, 1986 will go into history books as the date when Reactor Number Four of the Chornobyl Nuclear-Power Plant exploded causing death and radioactive contamination of a wide area around it. The Chornobyl Plant is situated 110 kilometres (about 70 miles) from Kyiv, capital of Ukraine, and not far from the very heart of Europe either. That industrial was later qualified as the world is major engineering and ecological catastrophe.

Ten years after this tragic event, its causes and consequences, bring one to very important conclusions concerning moral aspects of human relations as well as interactions between the society and its technogeneus environment, between society and nature.

Since the very beginning the information about the disaster was indicants and misleading event today the world public is not aware of its scope. But the facts are being fabricated and conjectured. The Chornobyl card has been used in political games. There have also been attempts motivated by personal or narrow interests, to diminish the consequences of the catastrophe or even treat it as a thing of the past, to be forgotten and erased from memory.

But the Chornobyl disaster is not to be forgotten. It remaining with us. It keeps creating problems in various spheres of our life, it is still affecting millions of people.

So much is being done to overcome the consequences of the disaster, and yet there seems to be enough problems left to be dealt with by our children and grandchildren and great grandchildren.

In fact no other country has ever had to face a task of similar magnitude and complexity before and there are no ready-made answers suggesting how to cope with it. The scientists know the rate of radioactive disintegration we know for how long the radioactive problems will keep staying with us.

V. I. Kholosha
Minister for Chornobyl Affairs


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