Red Cross of Ukraine – to Chernobyl. Chronicle 1986 – 1993

I present you a unique and detailed chronicle of events following the Chernobyl Disaster between 1986 and 1993.
Published by the Red Cross in Ukrainian and English, it focuses on humanitarian aid provided for resettled residents of Pripyat and villages within the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.
Foreword by the authors:

The tragedy of Chernobyl that fall down the people of Ukraine in April 1986 is spreading in direct proportion with the course of time and is of great importance for the public opinion not only in Ukraine but in the world as a whole more and more.

Because of the Chernobyl disaster, 77 regions, more than 1,500 settlements and towns in 12 regions of Ukraine have been contaminated to some or other extent, and their population have become the victims of the largest nuclear catastrophe of today. In the last years there is a tendency in frequency increasing of some nosologic forms of diseases. Particularly alarming is the state of health of children.

A complex of socio-economic and ecological problems that arose after the Chernobyl catastrophe turned to be a serious trial for the state and public organizations.

Members of sanitary brigades and posts, public sanitary inspectors and nurses of the Ukrainian Red Cross Society, who only yesterday seemed to be plain workers of the Red Cross, now joined the first ranks of the liquidators of the 20th century tragedy consequences. Their selfless labor, heroism and charity are testified to in the Chronicle “Ukrainian Red Cross — to Chernobyl”.

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