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26th April 2024

Three years ago, I installed one of my pinhole cameras in Leonid Fedorovich Toptunov’s apartment. On the evening of April 25, 1986, while preparing for night shift at the Chernobyl…

18th December 2023

In autumn 2021 we visited Anatoly Stepanovich Dyatlov’s grave, leaving fresh flowers and reflecting on history. Some claim that Dyatlov was the main person responsible for the accident at the…

25th February 2022
26th October 2021
25th July 2021
1st June 2021

This is the last part of the Analog Series until my next trip to the Chernobyl Zone, which hopefully will happen in a few months. All of the photos were…

25th April 2021
23rd April 2021

“Interconnected Power System of the South” booklet printed in the USSR by ElektroMachExport in Russian, English and German. I cannot find the exact date of its publication however the Chernobyl…

20th April 2021

Marketplace located a walking distance South from Lesi Ukrainki Street was once a thriving place full of local residents looking to buy everything from fresh meat and vegetables to clothes…

11th April 2021
12th March 2021
16th January 2021
11th December 2020
30th November 2020

The old Checkpoint Pripyat with remains of thick lead oxide glass windows installed to protect the guards and dosimetrists in the nearby testing station from radiation.  

20th November 2020
4th April 2020