Marketplace in Pripyat

Marketplace located a walking distance South from Lesi Ukrainki Street was once a thriving place full of local residents looking to buy everything from fresh meat and vegetables to clothes and tools. After the accident, It was briefly used to store contaminated cars belonging to Pripyat’s residents before the authorities decided to scrap them on the Burakivka and Rossokha radioactive materials burial grounds. They can be seen on the photograph by Igor Kostin below.

I discovered an interesting detail at the Marketplace – one of the street light fixtures was produced in Poland. International trade within the Soviet Union wasn’t nothing out of the ordinary and I’ve seen some Polish vehicles and fluorescent light bulbs in the Chernobyl Zone before.

The radioactive contamination remains relatively high in this area, perhaps due to a lack of effort put into cleaning it after it was decided to abandon Pripyat and the surrounding villages for good.



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