Chernobyl Then and Now Part 7 – Just Married

The Main Square of Pripyat was a centre of social life for many residents, with the nearby shopping centre, two restaurants (one in the Hotel Polissya and one above the supermarket), a post office and many other amnesties. The Palace of Culture “ENERGETIK” offered a variety of activities for everyone such as a gym with boxing ring, a small swimming pool, a theatre hall, a library and an indoor sports hall with views on the amusement park.

A 4-storey building housing the city administration stood nearby, just behind the Hotel Polissya, so Energetik with it’s spacious main hall was often used for civil wedding ceremonies.



The Main Square with Lenin Avenue in the background:

Pripyat Then and Now – Main Square


Palace of Culture “Energetik” seen from the Lenin Avenue:

Pripyat Then and Now – Main Square


Hotel Polissya and the City Administration building, now barely visible from the Kurchatova Street:

Pripyat Then and Now – Main Square


Children playing on the Main Square:

Pripyat Then and Now – Children Playing on the Main Square


A young couple getting married in the Palace of Culture “Energetik”, posing for a photo with their close relatives:

Pripyat Then and Now – a Wedding


Pripyat Then and Now – a Wedding in Palace of Culture “Energetik”



The Pripyat Amusement Park was schedule to open on the 1st of May 1986, only 5 days after the Chernobyl Disaster. Here it appears to be still under construction:


Pripyat Then and Now – Ferris Wheel


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