Chernobyl Then and Now Part 8 – More Shops

Continuing the Chernobyl Then and Now series, we begin by revisiting shops on Lenin Avenue leading to the Main Square. Before the Chernobyl Disaster, Lenin Avenue connected to the main road from the Chernobyl town. There were three shops located along the main street: baker’s shop “Kolosok”, “Fish Meat And Vegetables”, and “Strumok”, shown below in that order. All three shops featured beautiful, detailed mosaics on their walls. There is one more small deli shop “Gastronom” hidden behind an apartment building on the other side of the street.




Chernobyl Then and Now – Shops
Chernobyl Then and Now – Shops


Chernobyl Then and Now – Shops


We turn left and go behind the apartment buildings just before the Main Square to find three further shops adjacent to each other – a piano shop, a liquor shop and a household goods shop. Once full of TV and radio sets, washing machines, alarm clocks and other gadgets, today it reminds us about the wealth Pripyat residents had access to, compared to the rest of the country often struggling with supplies of some basic commodities.


Chernobyl Then and Now – Shops

We continue the journey further north with a quick visit to the Pripyat Post Office located by the Main Square, on Lazareva Street  The building also housed a communications centre where Pripyat citizens could use public telephones or send telegrams. Behind the three Post Office employees we can see one of the most iconic murals in Pripyat of a woman and a cosmonaut with “USSR Postal Service” written on a banner between them.


Chernobyl Then and Now – Post Office


Further in the northwest direction we find ourselves in the IV Microdistrict of Pripyat, in the “Yubileyny” Shopping Centre on the corner of Lazareva and Sportyvna streets. Time for a haircut.


Chernobyl Then and Now – Shops – Hairdresser in Yubileyny



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