Kindergarten No 6 Druzhba (Friendship) in Pripyat

Kindergarten “Druzhba” (“Friendship) in Pripyat is one of the rarely visited places in the Chernobyl Zone. Located on 3 Lenin Avenue, it’s right next to the checkpoint at the entrance to Pripyat. Every careless step on a piece of broken glass echoes loudly among the streets of the dead city, and the guards are stationed just around the corner. 
Some of the most prominent features is an upper floor corridor connecting parts of the buildings, and a well-preserved nurse’s office.
The building is generally in poor condition, there are signs of a long gone fire in some rooms, many floors are badly rotten and some walls have partially collapsed. Sadly this is the fate that many brick buildings in Pripyat will meet sooner or later. 35 years of water freezing in the cracks and vegetation forcing roots into the structure accelerate the damage.

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