Eastend House: Abandoned Mansion in Scotland

First written records of a simple square house date back to the XVIth century with several extensions built over the next 300 years, “1853” date can be found in several parts of the building. Some reports mention that the mansion had 37 rooms at its best time, however I can’t find any official record to confirm this information, and I couldn’t access some parts of the building due to a poor state of the floors to verify it.

In August 1940 the headquarters of Polish Camps in Scotland under the command of Lieutenant-General Stanisław Burhardt-Bukacki relocated from Glasgow to Eastend House and resided there until May 1941. A marble plaque hangs in the entrance hall reminding visitors to the house about its historic significance.

The Eastend House has been under current ownership since 1989, although some earlier records link it with the same family. At the time of my first visit the house was already in poor condition and despite the current owner’s commitment to refurbish it, the decay continues. Collapsed walls and bare floor beams can be found in almost every room of the mansion making the exploration quite risky.



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