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7th May 2018

Stratheden Hospital, initially known as Fife and Kinross District Asylum when it was opened on July 1st 1866 was constructed to provide provided mental health care for up to 200…

18th March 2018

Kenmure Castle, located near  the town of New Galloway in Dumfries and Galloway region of Scotland.      

7th February 2018


3rd January 2018

Bernat Klein Studio is one of the most architecturally-influential buildings constructed in Scotland since the WW2. It was built in 1972 just outside Selkirk as a workspace fror the textile…

22nd November 2017

Built probably in 1895 in Kettleholm near Lockerbie this astonishing mansion in Scots Baronial style lays in ruins. Many of the prominent features such as candle-snuffer roofs or corbelling have long…

22nd November 2017

Built around 1895, double-storey house and kennels to former Milkbank House in Dumfries and Galloway.   Visited in July 2017.            

17th October 2017
14th October 2017

When a pirate sails off into the sunset and never comes back, all there is left to do is press play on “Is there anybody out there” by Pink Floyd…

3rd August 2017

An early XIXth century waulk mill located in Scotland, comprising of the main mill building, weaving sheds and chimney stack, beautifully finished with granite quoins. An underground water wheel pit…

30th June 2017

Roslin, a village in central Scotland known for a surprising number of things. The Rosslyn Chapel and a picturesque glen below it with the remains of a 1804 gunpowder mills,…

20th June 2017

A late XIXth century chapel, later raised to the Parish Church status, fenced off and decaying in northern Scotland.  

9th June 2017

East Fortune is a small village in South-East Scotland, known for the airfield constructed in 1915 to help protect Britain against invading German Zeppelins during the WWI. The airfield has…

5th May 2017

See also:   Castlebridge Colliery: Offices  

5th May 2017

The Castlebridge Colliery was a part of the Longannet mine, the last operating coal mine in Scotland connecting three sites and forming a 5-miles long tunnel. Castlebridge site was closed in…

2nd May 2017

Greece, a beautiful country inhabited by amazing, we drove around 1500 miles there on our holidays and I can honestly say we met some of the nicest folks on this…

24th April 2017