Dusty old Villa

Greece, a beautiful country inhabited by amazing, we drove around 1500 miles there on our holidays and I can honestly say we met some of the nicest folks on this planet there. I’m talking about some poor old couple running a roadside stall, clearly hardly making their ends meet, insisting that our daughter takes few free apples when we stopped to buy a snack because “she looks so pretty”. Or a small, local hotel in the mountainous region where we were the only guests and got to try the owners’ family meal they just prepared.

If you have a chance just go to the mainland, hire a car and drive around small mountain villages, the views are outstanding and stopping for a dinner in a random local tavern full of old greeks playing accordion, dancing and enjoying themselves are worth living for. It’s also really, really affordable, bar the flights, 20eur can get you a hire car for a day or buy a nice dinner for three if you avoid tourist traps.

It’s sad to see such a beautiful country hit so hard by the financial crisis, for one reason or another and I don’t want to get into the politics here cause we’d all happily retire at the age of 50 when given a chance and reassurance by the government that everything’s fine. There’s an empty place everywhere you go – factories, stores, houses and flats scattered in cities and countryside. Earlier I posted a store with workshop and cars in the garage and it’s not an uncommon view even along the main routes.

Today we’re looking at a typical old-style flat in Athens which I found few steps away from the Monastiraki Square.  found only one kitchen on the top floor which suggest it was a single family home, likely someone wealthy lived there.


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