“SHELTER” 20 Years of Guaranteed Safety booklet

This is one of the latest items in my collection of Chernobyl publications. The 18-pages long booklet titled “”SHELTER” 20 Years of Guaranteed Safety” tells the story of the Shelter object – a massive sarcophagus built hastily in the months following the Chernobyl Disaster, designed to contain the remains of the destroyed Reactor Unit 4.

The booklet was printed in both Ukrainian and English, therefore unlike many similar publications it is accessible to a wider audience outside of Ukraine.

Below is the foreword by the General Director of the Chernobyl NPP – Igor Gramotkin (original spelling).


Twenty years past since the moment when the world heard terrible tidings: the explosion destroyed Unit 4 of Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. Peaceful atom has got out of human’s control. In April 1986 the name of the small town in Polessye suddenly became world-famed, but unfortunately this fame was very sorrowful.

But this year has entered in the world history not only as a time of apocalyptic events. Since this time the word “Chernobyl” became a synonym not only unprecedented man-caused catastrophe, but also unexampled courage and heroism. During seven months the humanity, with bated breath, with fear and hope kept on events in Chernobyl.

According to the most conservative estimations about 90 thousand persons have done one’s bit in the sarcophagus construction. And today, twenty years later, we are proud of their courage, patriotism, steadfastness, self-denial for the sake of the future. Thanks to their efforts the nuclear disaster has abandoned.

206 days and nights heroes of Chernobyl, every second risking their life and health, created facility, analogues to which are not known in the world building theory and practice. In record-short term Shelter was built above the remains of Unit four, having hidden under concrete walls myriad of ruthless rems, which threatened any alive.

Even today it is an unexcelled example of creative, constructive and technical thought. The Shelter is a reliable barrier from radiation influence what is provide by twenty years of its operation, performed by Chernobyl NPP personnel. However, term of facility operation is limited. Therefore now Ukraine undertake efforts aimed on the further destroyed Unit’s safety insuring.

General Director
SSE “Chornobyl NPP’
I. Gramotkin


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