Author: Forgotten Chernobyl

21st November 2020
20th November 2020
29th October 2020

RBMK-1000 reactors were 11.8m tall and 7m in diameter, therefore installing them inside the building required specialist equipment. There were two portal cranes capable of handling this task in the…

11th October 2020
11th October 2020
5th August 2020
27th June 2020
4th June 2020
31st May 2020
22nd May 2020
24th April 2020
10th April 2020
4th April 2020

Kindergarten No. 3 “Sunshine” located on 16a Lenin Avenue in Pripyat. The building has a typical layout for preschool educational facilities in Pripyat and it’s in pretty bad shape, however…

4th April 2020
16th March 2020
11th March 2020