Chernobyl Knowledge Quiz #1 – Facts about Pripyat


Chernobyl Quiz #1 - Facts about Pripyat

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What year was the City of Pripyat founded?

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What is an approximate distance from the Bridge of Death to Reactor 4 building in a straight line?

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How high are tallest buildings in Pripyat?

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What is the name of the street in Pripyat between the entry checkpoint and main square?

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How many middle (high) schools were in Pripyat?

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Yaniv railway station is in which direction from Pripyat?

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On what street is the Police station located?

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In which micro district are the greenhouses in Pripyat?

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Which was NOT available in Palace of Culture "Energetik"

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In which micro district of Pripyat can we find Lazurny swimming pool?

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How many doors for the vehicles are in Pripyat Fire Station?

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How many shops are there along Lenin Avenue?

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