Pripyat Hospital at Night

The hospital was a showcase of Soviet healthcare like everything in the model atomic town. It served nearly 50.000 residents of Pripyat and surrounding villages, prepared for anything with well-equipped with everything from the E&A to maternity ward and morgue.

The only one thing it couldn’t handle were the firefighters who arrived at the Chernobyl Power Plant just minutes after the explosion. Inadequately equipped and never informed about the nature of the incident they thought they were dealing with a regular fire (although many interviews with their families confirm that most knew about the radiation risk and yet fulfilled their duties). Weeks later, dying from acute radiation syndrome in specialist radiation treatment clinic in Moscow, all of them agreed that they would have done the same again if asked, to protect their loved ones sleeping in their homes just few kilometres away. A monument commemorating those men carved in the socialist realism style stands today in the town of Chernobyl.



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  1. malin2k2
    3rd March 2018

    Them photographers have biggest cojones in the world, respect

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