HEALTH OF THE NATION – WEALTH OF THE COUNTRY says the writing on the roof of Hospital in Pripyat.

I installed one of my pinhole cameras opposite the main hospital building, and this is the result – a full year of the sun passing over it captured in one image.

It was here that the first victims of the Chornobyl disaster arrived – night shift workers and firefighters from the nearby units. Sent to certain death, without adequate protective gear, they fought the uncontrollable fire, inhaling radioactive dust right next to the burning reactor core.
Twenty-eight out of over a hundred firefighters involved died in agony from radiation sickness within weeks after the disaster. Many others did not live to old age or still struggle with illnesses caused by radiation.

Their suits, protective helmets, and footwear are still in the hospital basement, brought there by nurses, and dosimeters indicate tens of thousands of times higher levels than natural background radiation in these rooms.

Chornobyl Solargraphy – Pripyat Hospital

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