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9th June 2017

East Fortune is a small village in South-East Scotland, known for the airfield constructed in 1915 to help protect Britain against invading German Zeppelins during the WWI. The airfield has…

26th May 2017

Kopachi (Копачі in Ukrainian) was a small village south-east from the town of Pripyat with population of 1114 in 1986. Due to the proximity to the Chernobyl Power Plant it was…

18th May 2017
5th May 2017
5th May 2017

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5th May 2017

The Castlebridge Colliery was a part of the Longannet mine, the last operating coal mine in Scotland connecting three sites and forming a 5-miles long tunnel. Castlebridge site was closed in…

2nd May 2017

Greece, a beautiful country inhabited by amazing, we drove around 1500 miles there on our holidays and I can honestly say we met some of the nicest folks on this…

24th April 2017
24th April 2017

I came across this beauty near a camping site in Cairngorms some years ago and regret not taking more photos or trying to access the house. Sadly I found entire site…

19th April 2017
10th March 2017

The hospital was a showcase of Soviet healthcare like everything in the model atomic town. It served nearly 50.000 residents of Pripyat and surrounding villages, prepared for anything with well-equipped with…

9th March 2017

A second visit to the hospital in Pripyat, including the basement where the contaminated uniforms of the firefighters first to arrive to the accident can be found. 30 years later their clothes…

9th February 2017


26th January 2017


24th January 2017