Category: Chernobyl Photos

Photos of the Chernobyl Zone and Pripyat.

16th November 2017

Pripyat Dock Cranes visited in 2016 on a foggy day.    

15th November 2017

Construction site of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Reactor Block 5 and 6. The site is being used by metal scrappers and therefore not accessible too often. Typically for an unfinished…

12th November 2017
28th October 2017

Located near Andriyivskyy Descent and easily accessible via the Kontraktova Ploshcha metro station, the Ukrainian National Chornobyl Museum might be small but it’s packed with photographs, personal items and documents belonging to…

26th May 2017

Kopachi (Копачі in Ukrainian) was a small village south-east from the town of Pripyat with population of 1114 in 1986. Due to the proximity to the Chernobyl Power Plant it was…

18th May 2017
5th May 2017
10th March 2017

The hospital was a showcase of Soviet healthcare like everything in the model atomic town. It served nearly 50.000 residents of Pripyat and surrounding villages, prepared for anything with well-equipped with…

9th March 2017

A second visit to the hospital in Pripyat, including the basement where the contaminated uniforms of the firefighters first to arrive to the accident can be found. 30 years later their clothes…

9th February 2017


26th January 2017


24th January 2017