1986 Calendar For Parents book in Pripyat library

1986 Calendar For Parents – one of many books scattered in one of the small libraries on the ground floor of the 16-storey buildings near the central square.

The opening page has a feature article fro 1984 about Vladimir Lenin’s approach to work, which was common in Soviet publications.

Young people should learn from Lenin Vladimir Ilyich was in the full sense of the word a teacher. Communication with him played a downright educational role. He taught by his example, by his instructions, by his guidance, by the whole appearance of his personality…

Those who worked with Vladimir Ilyich immediately felt that an ordinary colloquial statement, the interpretation of which has not been developed with all accuracy, is worthless. For an accurate statement, names, enumerations, numbers, quotations, in general, strictly verified specific data are required. It is better to work less, but work with all the necessary clarity and reasonableness, it is better not to say anything than to make unsubstantiated statements…

It is necessary to learn this from Vladimir Ilyich: take the smallest task with full seriousness, perform it with all conscientiousness and with all accuracy… Think only about the case, do not think about personal considerations, let the consciously set goal prevail over personal circumstances – that’s what those who worked with him learned from him.

At the same time, he was distinguished by the most delicate delicacy in relation to his employees, he could even put unpleasant things in such a way – a simple and tactful form that completely disarmed the interlocutor. And from those who worked with him, he demanded the same delicacy and tactful attitude to others.

His highest quality in his business work should be recognized as his conscious subordination to the team, even in cases when the team, in his opinion, was wrong. In the person of Vladimir Ilyich, we have a truly inimitable image of a representative of the proletarian culture, a culture based on the accuracy of knowledge, on the rationality of all human work, in a word, on the domination of reason over nature and socially regulated production over the blind element.

G. V. Chicherin, 1924


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