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16th November 2019

Located in the woods outside of Pripyat, the bakery is a rarely visited by tourists as it’s not included in the routes. The remote building hasn’t been looted as badly…

28th October 2019
24th August 2019

Sanitary and Epidemic Station, located on vulytsia Entuziastiv (Enthusiasts Street) on the Western edge of Pripyat, right next to the Pripyat Hospital no. 126. It was equipped to handle any…

4th August 2019
22nd July 2019
28th June 2019
18th June 2019

Ukraine has always been famous for its vast and rich in nutrients black earth agricultural land, hence the country is often referred to as the breadbasket of Europe. Agriculture always…

18th June 2019
17th June 2019
2nd June 2019

Continuing the Chernobyl Then and Now series, we begin by revisiting shops on Lenin Avenue leading to the Main Square. Before the Chernobyl Disaster, Lenin Avenue connected to the main…

2nd June 2019
1st June 2019

Across from the Pripyat Main Square, rooftops of two 16-storey buildings on Lazareva Street offer some of the best views of Pripyat. Both towers are topped with steel structures –…

31st May 2019
29th May 2019
28th May 2019
27th May 2019

Yaniv Railway Station near Pripyat is one of the most fascinating places in the Chernobyl Zone, littered with contaminated military vehicles and derailed train carts. The main station building is…

26th May 2019

Middle School No. 1 in Pripyat is located in the Northeast part of the city at Druzhby Narodiv (Friendship of Nations) Street, close to the Pripyat Hospital and Pripyat Cafe.…

23rd May 2019

The Middle School No. 4 in Pripyat is located in the IV Microdistrict in the Northwest part of the city. It was still under construction in April 1986 and never…